Student Breaks, founded by Stacy Peery in 1999, is headquartered in Panama City Beach, Florida (not just co-incidentally the #1 Spring Break destination in America).  This successful organization has provided tens of thousands of reliable and affordable student vacations over the past twenty years.  With the most experienced staff in the entire Spring Break industry (Our management team has an average of 22 years of travel industry experience) it is no wonder that Student Breaks is the fastest growing Spring Break Tour Operator in America!  In fact, we have now grown to become the LARGEST American-Owned Spring Break Tour Operator in America!  We presently have travel agencies, student organizations and campus group leaders representing us at over 1,200 campuses across the United States.  Our formula for success has been to provide the absolute BEST trips available (reliable airlines, quality accommodations, fun activities), with the most inclusions (free meals and free parties), all for the lowest possible price - Guaranteed.  Another important distinction is that we specialize in only the most popular destinations.  This allows us to be experts in these select destinations as opposed to other tour operators or travel brokers who offer 20+ different second-rate destinations and have no expertise in any of them.  We are proud to be American owned and operated (many Spring Break companies are foreign owned) and would love for you to join the thousands of other students who will travel with us on a trip of a lifetime!!

Our retail location in Panama City Beach

#1 Staff: Our knowledgeable, highly experienced staff is the key to our success.  Most of our reservations staff has worked on-site at EVERY destination we offer, so they have excellent first-hand knowledge of the hotels, restaurants and nightclubs in these exotic locales.  Our managerial staff has long-term personal and business relationships in all the destinations we offer, which translates into “clout” with these establishments and provides Student Breaks with preferential rates and contracts at the most popular hotels and event venues.  We are certain our professional, courteous staff will exceed your expectations while providing you with the lowest rates on the BEST Spring Break experience imaginable.

#1 Customer Service: Our mission is to provide fun, affordable Spring Break & Grad Break vacations to exotic beach destinations. Our knowledgeable staff has been to every destination we offer and can provide you with accurate information on hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. We provide adult, American on-site staff at every destination to assist our travelers should they have questions or situations during their vacation. These staff persons are available 24 hours-a-day and are present at all our various parties, events, and activities to help ensure a hassle-free experience. With Student Breaks, customer service is the RULE, not the exception!

Accreditations: Student Breaks is a member of the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, we are a registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel, Registration Number ST37242.

References: We have the BEST references in the business.  Over the years we have received numerous thank you letters from past travelers and our travel agent partners that attest to our outstanding reputation as the leading provider of Spring Break & Grad Break travel. It is quite common that some friends of our travelers will choose to go with a different company, only to find out later that they made a poor choice when things go wrong.  We have more repeat clients and more word-of-mouth referral reservations than any other company due to the high quality of the trips we provide.  We are happy to provide you with references from students, parents and travel agents that attest to our ability to deliver the BEST trips available!

Best Price Guarantee: Due to our excellent supplier relationships with airlines, hotels, nightclubs, & restaurants at the most popular destinations, we are able to create what we believe to be the very best Spring Break vacation packages available at the absolute BEST Price available. Although we offer premium vacation packages, we guarantee to beat any legitimate advertised price on a similar vacation from a reputable tour company (NOT some “re-seller” offering trips from his basement), so you can be assured to receive the BEST vacation at the BEST price. We "shop the competition" so we know our published rates are the lowest in the market.  In the unlikely event you should you find a lower rate, just give us a call and we'll beat it!

Escrow Protection: 100% of the trip deposits received by Student Breaks is placed in an escrow account and only used for trip components (airfare, hotels, etc.). Many travel companies use client trip deposits for their operating expenses like rent, utilities and employee payroll, leaving clients unprotected should they go out of business (unfortunately a fairly common occurrence). With Student Breaks, your funds are 100% protected! Plus, we are a totally debt-free company.